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  • Gagan Gangotri Varma
    We met each other on My partner's name is Sagar Varma. Both the families are very happy & have found perfect match for myself on Its one of the best platform for the people who are will get married.
  • Sumeet Khobare weds Tejal Shete
    I received a request from her on Matrimonial club. We both had this immediate bonding and attraction towards each other right off the start. We spent some time getting to know each other over video calls and phone before we informed our families. Our families bonded with each other just as fast as we did, if not faster. And. It. Was. Perfect! We originally intended to get married in June 20'
  • Pratik Omprakash Borkar weds Sapna Pare
    Before coming to Matrimonial club, I was fed up of all futile requests. After coming here, I was able to find a perfect match within a short period of time, who then became my best Friend, my Love and my Life partner. I can therefore say it's an Arrange-Cum-Love marriage successfully happened during covid pandemic. Thank you Matrimonial club for helping me in finding my perfect Matrimonial club.
  • Imamuddin Ansari weds Malka Tarannum
    I am Imamuddin Ansari . I had created my account in 2017 after getting information from one of my friend. I had sent interest to a girl in Matrimonialclub named Malka Tarannum . She accepted my interest after 3 days and we started talking with each other by msg. I had listen that all id in any matrimonial site are fake . You can not get any girl who will be your life partner. But it came true . I am very happy with Matrimonialclub who helped me to find my real matching girl. Now means on 16th August 2020 we got married any we both want to thank Matrimonialclub. Now I can suggest other friends also to create account in Matrimonialclub and get real love and life partner. Once again thank you Matrimonialclub team for cooperating us .
  • Gora Bhattacharya weds Bhaswati Bhattacharya
    'True to its name, resonated my life story. Rather love story. An ardent devotee of fairytales, I never knew that I would find my soul mate here. Thank you would be too trivial a word to Matrimonial club for helping me find my "Matrimonial club". Wish you all best wishes.
  • S. Arora weds G. Sindhwani
    I met this guy whom I declined interest in February 2020, and later we found each other again on matrimonial club, he made another account to come in contact with me on matrimonialclub but since it was managed by my parents who wasn’t able to get a chance to speak with me . He was exited me like a creep on Facebook but we carried that conversation and met a couple of times by not telling our parents and later we got to know that our parents connected on matrimonial club as well. It was a love come arrange in that way.
  • Piyush gupta weds Hina varshney
    we messaged to teach other and we found us best match so we are now together forever. thanks
  • Daksh kumar weds Veenu Sharma
    11_story4.PNG guides me to find my soul mate,i found him on Matrimonial club at march 2020 & after 8 months of understanding we got married on 25 th November 2020, Our both families are so happy for us to be together forever Thankyou
  • Siddhant Keshri weds Palak Mahajan
    We contacted each other through your website after liking the profile we exchanged phone numbers and fell for each other.
  • Aditya Pawashe weds Deepika Patil
    9_story 2.PNG
    I found a perfect match on Matrimonial club. Thanks to Matrimonial club for bringing two different worlds together, that is ,doctor and an engineer !
  • Mayur Dilip Patil weds Pooja Shrivastava
    8_story 1.PNG
    Finally found perfect match on matrimonial club and having loving wife was my dream that come true with help of matrimonial club Thanks.
  • Snehal Gaikwad weds ROSHANI
    7_10 days to go.jpg
    In this pandemic situation i was able to find someone whom i met and decided that she is the one i had been looking all these years . Thankyou Matrimonial club for making this possible.
  • Ashvind singh weds Nishu kumari
    We came to know about each other through this amazing website. We conversed on 5th Jan 2020.. Families took the baton in hand and we finally got married on 27 Nov 2020. Thanks to the whole team of matrimonial club for being the inseperable part of our journey...
  • Tarun Kalra weds Jyoti Chawla
    I, Tarun Kalra created my profile in Dec 2019 and found my other half in just 4 months. We connected on 14th March, 2020 and we exchanged text and after few hours of chat we realized that I am not Manglik but Jyoti was. Thereafter we sent a message to each other for a good luck in the search. But destiny decided best for us and after few min. Jyoti sent a message to give a try and recheck with Pandit ji for any pooja, as our match score was 30/36. After a little push we got the solution (A pooja) from that day we started chatting day & night and left our sleep a side. I was out of country, our roka and parents meeting happened on zoom call. We used to connect on video calls which made us comfortable. I met my other half (Jyoti) first time on our sagan ceremony, we were so comfortable with each other.
  • Shreyash Dutta weds Aayushi
    I found my better half on and we got married on 27th November. We are very happy and thankful to matrimonial club for helping us meet and fall in love. I can not imagine finding a more suitable partner without having created a Matrimonial club profile. Thank you club family.
  • Shital Anil Dawaddey
    The packages of the site offer more for less money. VALUE FOR MONEY AND TIME.
  • Radhe Shyam Sangeeta Pagare
    Matrimonial club is good service time to time profiles share thank you so much matrimonial club my successful marriage.
  • Pooja Abhishek Mishra
    Thank you so much one month completed marriage.
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