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  • Rishabh weds Bhawna
    We have been searching for a groom for a long time. We were member of almost all the available matrimony sites. But within some time we released that matrimonialclub.in is the only site which is of some use and which has better options and better filters available. I liked the UI of the site a lot. I am glad that we could finally find suitable groom for our daughter. I am grateful to matrimonialclub.in for helping in this regard.
  • Shubham weds Preeti Pathak
    I feel myself very lucky to have such a wonderful partner in my life, all thanks to matrimonialclub.in I am blessed to have Preeti in my life, She is a very sweet person with a golden heart. Thanks a lot to entire team of matrimonialclub.in from both of us.
  • Vinay Tyagi weds Roshni
    Now,it is too late to say Thanks & share our sweet marriage story . We got married on this year. As they say "Marriages are made in heaven which we solemnize on earth".. If two souls are destined to meet, irrespective of where they are based, their paths will cross and eventually they continue on their onward journeys together. And in this modern age, matrimonialclub.in is an apt stage or location to meet with your heaven-sent 'Matrimonial - Club'. I met with my soulmate Vinay through matrimonialclub.in. Now thanks to matrimonialclub to give me a perfect match & soulmate. My advise to those who are reading this and still searching for their soulmate... Have patience and faith in GOD "Somewhere Someone is surely Made for you" just keep your search going on matrimonialclub it really works. Thanks again , Roshni & Vinay
    3_img 3.jpeg
    I would like to thank the entire matrimonialclub.in team for helping me to find the true soul mate. Paid membership options on matrimonialclub.in provided me various ways to know better and that brought us closer. We got married on February 22, 2019 and since then every day we are feeling blessed. Thank you matrimonialclub.in!
  • Nandan Mukherji weds Divya Das Mukherji
    2_Img 2.jpeg
    We met through MatrimonialClub in April last year and fell in love. All we'd like to say is that matrimonialclub.in doesn't match better. They match the BEST!!
  • Arun Kumar Singh weds Laksha Tomar
    1_Story img.jpeg
    Thank you very much MatrimonialClub, for finding out my wife . it had been an honest experience ,we need to recognize one another sort of a friend so this friendly relationship reborn into love got married on twenty sixth January 2019.
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